To Blog or Not To Blog

To blog or Not to Blog, that is the question.

So, time to begin my new blogging journey.

Today, had the best time.  Went up to Sunnyside FC to help them unload pallet after pallet of hardwood flooring that was donated.

It was alot of flooring material.   With the amount of people that showed up to help, it took just over 2 maybe 3 hours to completely unload that Semi of the boxes of flooring.  It was alot of fun, because I got to know some of the people there and that is always fun.

To see how they interact with each other was hilarious and just plain fun!  Loved it.  We all now have sore arms and backs from that work, but  it was just so worth it.  Love the people who are leaders of this group.  Made me proud in my heart. Hardwood Floor Boxes

When we were finished, it really did take up about 1/4 of this huge room.

AMAZING.  Now, my arms, are bruised and my shoulder and back are sore, but it was fun, like I said a moment ago.

Loved it!

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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