Where it all began for me

The Ellis Airlines Grumman Goose.  This is the aircraft that helped to fan the flames for my love of Aviation.  I was always so fascinated by this aircraft.

I was on the beach with my grandfather when they drove the plane out of the water onto the beach, down by the ball field in my little home town of Metlakatla, Alaska.  I was so amazed.  It was, and is such a noisy plane.  I loved it.  My grandfather said, watch this.  Cover your ears!

The photo on the left is an Ellis Airline Grumman Goose at our Airport.  The Annette Island Airport.  People used to take off from the airport and land on the water way in Ketchikan Alaska.  About a 12-15 minute flight.

This is where my love of Aviation began.  Unable to get away from this idea that my love for this industry began with a Seaplane.  My heart and imagination would soar with anticipation that one day!  One Day my life will be in the Skies.

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Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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