Friends – Be Sure you Cherish them. :)


Finding new friends is like discovering gold, and or finding a diamond.  Something that is rare and valuable.  Something that can be cherished and protected.   It is in the unexpected moments in life that, we make these discoveries.  And at times, in a very timely manner.

New Friends

This quote is so very true.  When you find a true kindred spirit, a friend who really listens, who works to understand, who shares in your joys, your fears, your laughter and your tears.  When you make that discovery, it really does bring new energy to your soul.  Actually the BEST feeling ever.   There really are only a handful people in my life that can be called “Friends”.   The Circle around me is very tight.  And prefer it that way.  Only allow people in, who can challenge me, help keep me accountable, who cheer me on, and sometimes, who are just, “There”.

A true friend will  always speak an encouraging word, and at times, is comforting and others, is a great challenge.


Pay attention, there is a friend just around the corner, who’s friendship will fit your personality, just like a glove.   🙂

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Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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