Stuff my parents told me that were true include..

Stuff my parents told me that were true include..

family timeGrowing up in a small village in Alaska, I grew up in a very large family.  My Dad had 11 brothers and sisters and my mom had grown up in a big family as well.  As a result, I had many great examples of family and seeing them as parents.

My parents have taught me countless lessons throughout my lifetime and continue to set examples for me in their everyday actions.

Here are the things I learned from them that have made me a better person:



My mom never stops putting others first. She cares so much about the ones she loves and will go to any lengths to make them happy. She always asks how my day went and will do whatever she can to make it even better. She’ll help out with the dishes at a family gathering, and we had Big Family Gatherings, drive an extra half hour out of the way just to give someone a ride, or switch meals with me at a restaurant when I order something I don’t like.

My dad never thinks twice about helping someone. He’ll shovel snow for the neighbor, not charge someone for salmon, or other fresh seafood.  Always sharing and caring.  He has such a pure heart, and I only hope I can be as kind as he is someday.



As much as I hated being forced to write thank you notes growing up, I know why they did it. Just taking the time to write a quick thank you for something you’re grateful for can make a huge difference.

My parents taught me not to take the things I have for granted. Even if I think it’s the end of the world, they keep me anchored and remind me that there is always a positive. They taught me to stay humble and urged me to find the good.



My parents are the strongest people I know. I am so blessed to have such a strong foundation.

There is nothing my dad can’t handle. I’ve always admired how level headed he remains, no matter what chaos may be going on around him. He’s taught me to stand tall and tackle whatever problems I may be facing. My dad taught me how to stand up for myself and not back down. He’s pushed me to try new things and show everyone what I’m made of.



Like most kids, we were taught to be kind – but we were also taught to care. My parents showed us that other people, regardless of their circumstance or personality, were valuable. People have stories that are worth sharing – and it is our privilege to bear witness to these narratives.   They taught us that if there was ever an event going on in our town, you would show up to honor and respect what was going on and just to offer support in any way you could.   Yes, other people mattered.

And finally,



I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am loved.

Independent of any of my successes or failure, I will always be encouraged, supported, cheered on and loved. It is the greatest gift my parents ever gave me.

Yes, mom and dad were always there, cheering my sister and I on.  Now momma is in heaven, but I know she is still cheering us on.

I am grateful for the many other things I learned from my parents.

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