Real Questions Tourist ask in, “Alaska”

Nooya Lake

Living in South East Alaska, provided a great time to meet many people from the Lower 48 states, they are called around these parts, “Tourists”.  I am going to share with you what some of the questions “They” have actually asked, and would scratch my head, because they were being serious in their question.

Alaska What The

You will understand what is being said, as these questions are being revealed.


alaska cruise ship

Tourist walk RIGHT OFF cruise ships and see all the mountains.

“Wow! What elevation are we at?”

Look down from the docks “About 20′ above sea level”

I was flying a group of tourists, to the Misty Fjords:

Rudyard Bay

Many times, after these trips, the passengers would tip the Pilot.   Well, on more than one occasion, to myself, and heard the same from my fellow pilots, the passenger would want to give the tip and say, “I only have American Money, do you take American Money.”  To which I responded with, “I’m sorry, we only take Alaskan Money!”  With a Grin on my Face, then it hit them and we all ended up laughing.  Yeah.  True Story.  Wait, it gets better.

Mountain Goat in the Fjords

Someone working in Tourism in Juneau Wrote:

I pointed out the white dots up on Mount Juneau to someone (mountain goats), and the response was, “OH COOL! POLAR BEARS!” :/

Alaskan head scratch

Another favorite on a different tour flight, again, heading to the Misty Fjords, a passenger / tourist asked me in all seriousness,  “How do you keep all these islands from RUNNING into each other.”


Alaska wait what

It just keeps getting better.  Great for writing material.  And the questions are very serious, in the mind of the tourist I guess.

Again, in the Misty’s:

Punchbowl Cove - The Rock Wall

“How much does the mountain weigh? With and without snow?”

Welllllll…….Let me see!  How do you answer this, or do you sit there dumbfounded at the Profound Question.  How do you answer that?

alaskan dumbfounded

And another tourist up in the Northern region encountered this question as they experienced what is called, “The Land of the Midnight Sun”:

“Geez,” I blurted. “What time does it get dark around here?”

The pilot glanced at his watch, looked back at me and replied, “Oh, about September.”

alaskan midnight

Love the pilots response on that one.   🙂

These are just a handful of the questions experienced while living and working in Alaska in the Summer.  I have so much more, let me know if you would like to hear more about the Wonderful Questions that tourists ask when they Come to God’s Country, “Alaska”.


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