So It Begins

There has always been that dream in my heart about becoming an Aviator.  To become a pilot, to Fly A Plane.   My heart belonged in the Sky.

Back in the Late 80’s, my Aviation Journey began.  It involved creating an opportunity to go to a flight school and having the money to do so.

Located a flight school, in Northern California.  Located in Lakeport, CA.  A small airfield known as Lampson Field.  The school was called, “Lake County Aviation”.

You can see the Flight School and the House I lived in while going to the flight school.

aerial photograph Lampson Field, Lakeport, Lake County, California

A little flight school.  Okay, so the school was located, now to obtain the funding needed.  Was able to obtain a grant from the State of Alaska.   (Exciting)  So, the date was set.  Flew down to San Francisco on Western Airlines and one of the flight instructors flew down to pick me up.  I was 18 years old.  And was chasing my dream!  I was beyond excited!

The instructor picked me up in a Cessna 182.  FUN!

Cessna 182

She was a pretty little complex airplane.  Loved it.  My Instructors name was Par’.  He was from Sweden.  Nice young man.

He flew into SFO to pick me up.  I was pretty amazed.

Landing sfo 28L

It is a Big Airport.


Felt so empowered to be in this Cessna 182 around all the big Jet Aircraft.  Pretty sure they, “The Airliners” didn’t like it that much.  LOL.  But it was an experience that will not, soon be forgotten.

For 6 1/2 to 7 months, I lived, breathed and everything Aviation.

Learn to Fly Here

First Intro Flight in the Cessna 172.  So Fun.

flight training

Final approach into Lampson Field.

Final Approach into Lampson Field

This Flight Computer and I became very good friends.  It was really fun to learn how to use this devise.

The Good Ole E6B Flight Computer.  Who Remembers these?

the E6B

Did nothing else really, but learn about flying, and all that entails.

The time literally flew by.  Worked on and received my Private Pilots License,


Commercial Pilots License,


My Instrument Rating Added,

instrument panel

as well as my Seaplane Rating, also added.

N17597 One of the first Temsco Birds I flew DHC2

and passed my Written exam to become an instructor.

flight instructors


After logging about 12 hours flight instruction, and many hours on ground instruction, came the day, it was Solo time.  What every pilot dreams about.  Taking the plane up by yourself.  It was excitement, anticipation and complete fear, all rolled into one emotion!

how you feel on your first Solo

Yup, that photo right there, pretty much sums it all up!!

To be Continued!

to be continued