The Sword of “Truth”

The sad thing is, for the past year, I have not been living a very truth filled life. I instead have been hiding from my pain, and not facing and dealing with them. It is time to change all of that. The unfortunate thing, my hiding has cost me my marriage to my best friend, Jill Atkinson, and the two awesome boys that I was taking on as sons. It is my only hope and prayer that they will be happy and content as our journeys part paths. Maybe, one day, in the future, our paths will cross again. I was told by my Creator that I was wired to Love Jill and the boys, and she told me that God told her it was okay to love me. My heart is broken into a million pieces right now and am trying to move forward on this journey, if you pray, please pray for Jill, the boys and myself. Thank you.

So Today has been a very fun filled day.  Got to visit a place in Alabany, OR called:

Permagrafix Tattoo

A great clean shop.  A great Artist who does fantastic work.  I would highly recommend Permagrafix Tatto.

They transformed my Concept Art:

Concept Art

Transferred the photo to my Right Forearm:

Transfer from Paper to forearm.jpg

Then the completed the outline of my concept:

OutLine complete.jpg

Then, took a couple minute break before he shaded up the work:

Work complete.jpg

Work is done, and it looks soooo good.  I am so happy how this turned out.

This journey began many many years ago, while I was living in California.  One night, I had a dream, and in the dream, I was laying on a flat table, it was a very nice day outside, the room was circular and all glass!  And I could hear, this noise, it was the machine for the tattoo needle and the Sword in the picture was being placed on my back.

The top of the handle was located at the base of my neck and the tip of the blade was just above my tail bone.

I will actually have that done as well, but not many people will see that.  So I decided to have this one placed on my right forearm and be able to share it with everybody.

Yes, it was a great day indeed.   🙂

I actually had this Tatoo done on my wife, Jill Atkinson’s Birthday.   She thought it was amazing!  There were a great many things that I did for Jill and the boys.  The truck I purchased, was picked out because of Jill.  Had to be a truck where she could sit next to me while we drove around.  Had to have enough space for the family.