How a Farm House Can Make Me a Better Person

For many years now.  I love the idea of owning a farm house on some land.   A Farm house with a Wrap Around Porch.

The Wrap Around Porch.jpg


With Swing(s) and chairs on the wrap around deck:

Swings on the Porch


There is just something about this idea that will bring such peace, tranquility.  And to hear the wildlife.

You can her the Local Woodpeck tapping at a near by tree:

close up of peacock


The Sound of the Humming Birds as they feed of their feeds on the corners of the Wrap Around Porch:

humming bird


Land to plant a large vegetable garden:

young salad


On the the wrap around, also growing some fresh herbs:

Front Porch Herbs


Then, there’s the Kitchen (let your imagination run with this one)  Mine would be a very large, commercial style kitchen.  Reason?   I love to Cook.  Period!  LOL:

farmhouse kitchen

And then there is the family gathering area, again, let you imagine take you.  I prefer Lodge style, but also, open to modern and contemporary:

Farmhouse living area

There is just so much to this idea of a farmhouse.  Not that I am a recluse, but like the outdoors, the sounds of wildlife, the fresh air blowing through the trees.  The time to sit on the deck, with a good book, or journal, and have a very real moment of feeling inspired.  Yes.  Being in areas like this, stir my imagination and creativity.  To write, to listen, and to write some more.  A place for little one to run and play with no worries of Cars and neighbors.    Yes, there is something about living in the country.  And one day, the Farm House will become a reality:

brown horse at grass field in front of white house

A two Story is a must, with a full, and finished basement.  It will be simply amazing.

Those are a few of a reasons why a “FarmHouse will help make me a better person.”


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