Why Flowers are more Tempting than Cinnabon

Why Flowers are more Tempting than Cinnabon

Well, yet another catchy Title.

And for me, this is entirely true, as many people who know me, have discovered that Flowers and Gardening a new passion for me!

red garden plant green


Gardening  is so much fun, playing in the dirt, planting life into the ground:

man planting plant


There really does seem to be something about moving dirt around, removing weeds, creating a safe haven for new plants.

Well, every now and then, we go through hard times, and for me, that time was this past Saturday, where there was an episode of blood pressure problems, and it got a little crazy for a bit.  Was I scared!  Moments of fear yes, been through this a couple of times in life.  Kinda scary, but now I know what to expect.  As it all went away, and began to feel better.

Well, having said that, only a handful of people knew about this, and one of those Dear friends sent me a small vase of wild flowers!

Vase of Wildflowers


I love the color palette of our Creator.

More Beautiful Texture.jpg

And the Textures:

Love The Texture.jpg


Some other examples of Colors and Textures that are just beautiful!

in our Rose Garden:

A rose


Also in our Garden:

From our Rose Garden

The DogWood Tree:

The Dogwood Tree


My little garden box:

My little garden


Yes, color and textures in nature to me is amazing!  I love to look at plant life.

The different patterns, the different sizes.  The different color mixtures in one flower and or plant.  AMAZING!

So yeah, this is why, “Why Flowers are more Tempting than Cinnabon”  At least in my world.  🙂