Why Juicing and Smoothies will make you question EVERYTHING!

Why Juicing and Smoothies Will Make You Question Everything!

Well, there really is ALOT of truth to this statement!


So, what is there something to this “Juicing and Smoothie” Craze that seems to be hitting big across the world?

Well, you will have to decide that for yourself.

A number of months, I made a life changing decision.  One that has affected me, and I believe for the rest of my life.  The decision was made to begin eating smoothies.  Which consisted of “Fresh Fruits and Vegetables”   That my body was indeed a temple and really, was doing a horrible job at taking care of this temple.  So, in a positive moment of self talk, said, “Self, you need to change how you do everything.  Including what you eat!”  “No one else is going to do it for you, you have to make this happen, now!”

Up until this point, my body was overweight by like 60-70 pounds, was on high blood pressure meds and medicine for my heart.  Yeah, this was not how my life was suppose to end up.  So, my journey begin.  So, like many other people in this world today, I “Googled, Smoothie Recipes!”  Wow!  That was amazing!

closeup photo of strawberry shake

There were so many different recipes to choose from!

kiwi fruit beside drinking glass filled with kiwi shake

Some for weight loss and others for, general, over all well being!   At first, I sought the ones for weight loss.  Then began to realize that this, these are all good.  Then ran into someone on the same journey and they pointed me in the direction of a guy, and many others now, who are on the same journey.  His site has changed my life:

Juicing for Weight Loss


Please take a moment to visit his site, as there is a wealth of information there that may change your idea about what Juicing and Smoothies are and they help your body!  The amount of help it brings to your body is incredible.  You will begin to understand the difference between fresh, processed and ultra processed foods are, and how they help or hinder your system.

Fresh Processed Ultra Processed

For me, the discovery of fresh fruits and vegetables are the best thing for your system.  I began my smoothie journey, and found recipes on Pinterest:


Found ALOT of great and helpful recipes.  Began this journey as my body was not in a very good place, health wise.   Was overweight, dealing with high blood pressure as a result.  So, a light came on in my heart one day, and thought, better do something about this, now.  So, I took action.  And a very close friend shared a sight with me:  http://www.rebootwithjoe.com.

Joe Cross was obese and sick with a crippling autoimmune disease. He chronicled his 100-pound total weight loss*,along with his 60-day juice fast,in his film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” He called his diet a “Reboot.”

And as stated before, this was an amazing discovery for my Journey.

Alaska wait what

Juicing, smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables?  Really, this is the answer?

Alaskan head scratch

Yes, this was the answer.   Since this journey began for me, I have lost over 50+ pounds, the doctor has removed me off of, one of four, blood pressure medications, and the goal is to remove me off all of them, by years end.  (2018).



yeah printed white board

Yes, seeing what processed foods have done to my system, and how OUR bodies are not designed to process these foods, foods that are full of sodium and chemicals and preservatives, instead do damage to our body, for me, was a very big eye opener.

So now, it is fresh fruits and vegetables:

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Cooking with fresh foods:

Fresh foods.jpg

I encourage you to visit the idea of Juicing and doing smoothies in your life.  You may be very excited to see the results of this decision.