Live With A Passion

Live with a Passion

One of the many things that have been great life lessons for me, on this journey we call life, is simply this, when you do something, anything in life, do it with Passion!  

What are you Passionate about?

Some of things that I am passionate about.


One of the first Planes I learned to fly in.  The Cessna 172
Many of the Seaplanes I flew in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Back in the 80’s.   
Temsco Airlines

Skywest Airlines.  The EMB-120.  Used to go to work in that bird everyday for many year. 

My Favorite Private Jet Aircraft.  The Fastest Corporate Jet in the World.  The Citation X.
She is a beautiful aircraft.

Discover what you are passionate about.  And just make it happen.   Another area of passion that I have in my life is that of cooking.


Cooking with FRESH ingrediants!  The best!

One of the fun things about cooking, is taking simple ingrediants and creating a meal that is so delicious.   And great thing about cookins is you have a chance to share the experience with your family.

Teaching your children about healthy foods and creating a chance on a life skill, and 
how to eat good foods!   Great experience.
Cooking is alot of fun!  
Try it!   Get in that kitchen, create a meal!  🙂

One of my Favorite Quotes on the Subject.

Now is the time to discover what you are passionate about.  Chase after it.  Make it happen.  It can be a great journey to experience.  

Tell me, what is your life passion?

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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