Have you ever found yourself on this trail, we call life, uncertain of what will be in the next chapter of your life?  

Change is the only constant in this crazy place we call life.   And the sooner we grasp that idea, you can learn to go with the flow.   Is it an easy task?  By all  mean, no!  Can it be done!   Yes!  It can be done!  At the moment, many changes have occurred on my own journey, and yes, there is some very real uncertainty that is being faced.   May not know what tomorrow hold, but I know WHO holds my tomorrow.

Life can be an uncertain playing field at times.


Faith, It’s all about believing, you don’t know how it will happen, but you know it will!

I absolutely love this next quote:

I find myself in the flight school of life once again.   It is time to mount up and learn to Fly in a whole new area of  life.  It is time!  Do I know what that looks like?  Not at all.   Do I know it will happen?  Absolutely!  I am not afraid, and am pushing forward, and not backwards.

Please, Never Give Up!

Don’t Quit!   Don’t Back Down!   Get up, brush yourself off, and get back in this battle!  There are people who need YOU, who are depending on the fight that is placed inside of you!   

Feeling Nostalgic

Feeling Nostalgic

So, my wife, Jill, was going through some old boxes yesterday and came across this gem.

A Walkman!
A Cassette Player, AM/FM Player,

Who remembers having one of these?  This one is great because it has the extra Bass button.  WOW!  Technology has come a long way since these were created!

No longer do we need cassette player, or even CD’s, as we can now stream music, ANY music.

We have places like: Spotify


We have Amazon Music:

Amazon Music

There is even iHeart Radio:

iHeart Radio

But the walkman!?   Wow!   What an absolute blast from the past.  Who remembers having the stack of Cassette tapes, of music that we purchased.  Or listening to the radio, in hopes that your favorite song would come on and you might be able to record it onto a cassette tape.  Or listening to America’s Top 40 on Sunday’s and wait for your favorite Song(s) to come on and try and record, so you can take it with you on your walkman!  

Man, those were the good old days!

Yes, feeling nostalgic today.    

How about you?