Type 1 Diabetes in the Kids

With two Special needs children, both have type 1 Diabetes.  For me, this has been a big learning curve for me.  A great learning experience an how this all works.

Learning what it means to check blood sugars, what it means Monitor Blood Sugars.  When to administer Insulin and levels.  What the desired target range is for these two, awesome boys!  Learning what Ketones are and what to look for.  What to be on the look out for in the event their BG levels go up to high, or down too far.  How this affects their sleep, if it either too high or two low.  How that affects our sleep as parents as well.  

It is a ballet of BG level management in order to keep these little bodies growing.  I am amazed by the courage of these little guys.  Admitting, was nervous about drawing their blood or administering insulin for the first time, but am learning.

Another great video on Diabetes and to make life a little more interesting is adding being allergic to Gluten on top of having Type 1 Diabetes.

There will be more to come on my new journey.

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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