You were born in South East Alaska if…

you know you were born in South East Alaska if:

You NEVER use an umbrella.

You wore fleece, wool and down all year around:

People get married in Carharts:

You consider 60 degrees out, “Hot!”

My favorite, “You know what Pilot Bread is.”  All too well.

We call the lower 48, “Down South”

And the people from, “Down South”  Would ask if I grew up in an Igloo?   Which I would tell them I did, a two story igloo, ate whale blubber ice cream and had penguins for pets.

LOL – the last three I did tell my friends in the South, and the last three just simply were not true.   But it was worth the reaction on their faces when that story was told.  Oh also, Penguins don’t grow up in Alaska.