What I Learned Playing Halo…

Halo Reach

Not ago, I had a blast playing Halo 3 for the first time. It lead me to reflect on the countless hours I’ve poured into the Halo series over the past 6 years.

Sure, I might not have much to show for it, but that time was thoroughly enjoyed. In retrospect, I even learned some important life lessons that have helped me succeed.

1. Hesitation is death – In Halo, nothing will get you cracked on the back of the skull faster than hesitation. The same is true in real life. If you waste time worrying about what your competitors are doing, you’ll never succeed. Sure, if you take a chance you might get burned, but you need to accept that risk and make a move. If you fail, learn from the experience and try again. Success comes from being aggressive and actively seeking opportunities.

2. Success requires experience – Obviously natural skill contributes to Halo success, but what really makes a solid player is experience. If you jump into a game without understanding the geography of the map or the capabilities of the various weapons, you won’t stand a chance against an equally skilled player who does. The lesson here is that to acquire an expertise, you need to put in the time to learn the basics. If you don’t know the medium you’re working in, you’ll be strategically disadvantaged.

3. You can’t win without teamwork – In team Halo matches, the ability of players to work together is more important than individual skill. A group of solo artists working against a unified team will constantly be isolated and overwhelmed. To be successful you need to sacrifice personal glory to watch your buddy’s back. Once you can get past ego and start to cooperate with others there will be more success for everyone.

4. Anticipation is the key to victory – The key to making a sweet kill in Halo is knowing what your opponent is going to do before he does. This comes from experience and pattern recognition. When you can anticipate, you can place yourself in the ideal position to bury your competitors before they have the time to adjust.

5. Leverage your strengths – The world of Halo is extremely diverse. Between the numerous weapon strengths, ranges, and combinations, there is an infinite number of ways to make a kill. Different playing styles lend themselves to different strategies. You’ll be much more successful if you can recognize your personal strengths and put yourself in a position to capitalize on them while hiding your weaknesses. Winning comes in streaks – Anyone who’s played much Halo has experienced streaks. One day you’re dead on, killing everyone in sight. The next, you’re getting dominated and can’t seem to find a rhythm. Streaks are part of any high functioning activity.

6. Some days you just can’t concentrate a well as others. The lesson here is that you need to recognize your streaks so you can weather the bad ones and make the most of the good ones.

7. The Devil’s in the details – To the untrained eye, a Halo match looks like a bunch of maniacs running around shooting. In truth, it’s a precise ballet of intelligent players reacting to each other and the environment. The difference between life and death can be as small as the angle of a grenade toss or the decision to reload.

The same is true in real life. You need to pay attention to all the tiny details that contribute to success or failure.

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In The Still Of The Night

The stars are the street lights of eternity. ~Author Unknown

The Night Sky

The Night Season, a great time to stop, ponder and reflect.   To take an inward look at WHO you are, who you were and WHO you are becoming, or want to become.   

I enjoy the night season at times, especially when the kids are in bed and fast asleep.  Here is a perfect picture.

The boys, they are upstairs, in bed and asleep, my wife is alseep in our room, with our cat, also asleep at her feet.   The house is in complete silence and all that can be heard are the words flowing in your heart and mind.  Yes, the peace and quiet is a great sanctuary to stop and reflect and one of my favorites is to either journal, or write to my blog.

A time to write

The night season, can be a deep time to reflect on your own heart, silence your soul and listen to your Creator speak life back into your life and Destiny!   At times, which is what was experienced by my heart recently, while writing, came across a SERIES of emotions, most of which need to be attended to and taken care of, or gotten rid of, one of the many great lessons learned in life is that we are not designed to carry some things that we are trying so desperately to carry.   Well, light was being shed on such things in my heart and it was house cleaning time.

Like a spot light in the darkest place in the heart, being illuminated

And as this was happening, it was quite painful.   There were things that I just did not want to deal with, but know that it has to be done, the light was being shed on it all for a reason, and the reason is designed to bring me freedom and move me in the correct path to meet my destiny.  Easy project, no, painful, but in the end, good!  Am I there yet, not quite, but do know that the path and trail that is being taken is the correct one.   There is a whole new level of freedom for me to walk in.  

There is a passage that I like in the bible that relates to this part my night season:

Psalm 30:5

“Weeping may endure for a night, But JOY comes in the morning.”

And, yes, there is morning.   A new day.   Like Anne’s Teacher once told her on Anne of Green Gables, “Tomorrow is a Brand New Day, with No Mistakes in it yet!”

Yes, I love the night season, the quiet, the peace, there really is nothing like it.  

What about you, is there a quiet time that you enjoy?  Is there a place you like to silence your soul and reflect?   If so, what does that look like?