The Miracle of Chaos

A weird topic, but a good one at that.

Change ahead sign

As we press forward on this, “Journey”, we call, “LIFE”, we discover that there is only one constant in this world, “Change!”.

If we can accept that fact, then the journey can be a little easier, if we fight against it, we create an avenue of, “Chaos!” in our hearts, emotions and minds.

Yes, change, can be a very unsettling thing, and chaos is never a fun thing to go through, however, if we keep pushing forward through the Chaos, we can actually learn the lesson that was needed, therefore creating a Miracle, as it were.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

The Meaning of the word Chaos from: The Merriam Webster Dictionary

Definition of chaos 

1aa state of utter confusion

Other good Synonyms for the word, “Chaos”,
 confusion, disarrangement, disarray , disorganized.

Yes, Chaos can literally wreak havoc and have a hay day in our hearts and our minds. Everyday, every situation, we are faced with a choice, do we chose to learn from the chaos, and change, or will we chose to learn from what is going on and turn it into an opportunity to learn from what is going on. Usually, when we chose the latter, we have an area of new knowledge and one day, we will have an opportunity to share your experience with someone who is faced with the same type of situation. Yes, that is where the miracle is located. Have the ability to help someone else on a similar journey as your own.

So, yes, we can find a, “Miracle”, from our Chaos.

Where are you on your journey today? Are you choosing to learn from your situation, or are you striving trying to figure it all out, therefore, many times, creating an area of chaos in your heart and mind?

Create a Great Day Everyone!


Have a Happy Holiday Season!

**Create New and Good Memories!**

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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