Customer Service: Working in the Private Jet Charter Industry

Working in the Private Jet Charter Industry for many years has been a very rewarding experience. Learned a great many things. The main lesson learned was the Sales and Customer Service side of the industry. Working with Customers from all walks of life. Dealing in higher end contracts on a daily basis. The Companies I had worked for were smaller companies. Fledgling companies if you will. And while with these companies, was able to help grow them to Medium size companies.

What Customers Expect

What Customers Expect

Like any industry that is dealing sales, you find out very quickly what customers expect from you.

One of the main things that was noticed when answering a phone call from a client, or lead: “Oh, a real person answered the phone!?” So when that happens, it gives you an opportunity to talk to the Guest about their Private Jet Charter Need, and Offer. A great many times, because the phone was answered, it created the beginning of a life long client.

Which lead to: Clients wants access to Customer Service, which was able to be provided on a personal level, again,, this created the beginning of a lifelong, returning client.

Also tied into this, is the Clients want access to FASTER Customer Service, which was able to be provided on a quick level. Again, creates a returning and HAPPY Client.

Most clients, not all, wanted: A Clear information on your Web-site. Where are you Based, what type of aircraft do you provide. Do you offer any specials? So, the more information you are able to provide on your site, the better.

Once you develop a rapport with you client, It is very very important to your client that YOU know their history. What Aircraft they prefer, which hotels they prefer, do they require Limo Service. What is their Favorite Beverage, even their favorite food or snack. In Some cases the client will let you know their trip is for an anniversary, a birthday, and you can personalize a great many things on your next contact with your client. That will go a long long way with your client. They will not only return, but they will also Refer to new potential clients to your Company. And give YOUR info to their family, friends and or Colleagues. (BONUS)!

So, as you see, Customer Service is key to developing a client base and a strong bottom line. Take care of your client, because if you don’t, then someone else at a different company will do that for you.

There are many clients that gave me a great deal of learning, on how and what it meant to provide great Customer Service.

Yes, there will be more stories on working in the Private Jet Charter Industry.

Are your Providing GREAT Customer Service in your Company?

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