Time To Write…

Keep it Simple

Write Like Nobody’s Watching

Actually, nobody IS watching.

So for your first draft, feel free to be as clumsy, daring, or crazy as you like.

Put it aside for a while.

Then look at it.

    What were you thinking!?

    That’s TOO crazy!

    Or it just plain sucks.

The good news is, STILL nobody’s watching.

You get to rewrite it as often as you want.

Or maybe more times than you want, but you keep going because you know it’s not quite as good as you can make it yet.

Then, finally, when it’s ready, you send it out. 

NOW somebody’s watching.

They may still say it’s too crazy or wonder what you were thinking or that it sucks.

If they have constructive criticism or you suddenly see another way to improve it, great, back to the desk with it. 

If not, keep sending it out until it finds a champion.

Meanwhile, write another thing like nobody’s watching.

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and loving life.

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