The Nature of Consequences


  Posted on October 26, 2019

I’ve been reading Proverbs all year. Over and over again, God says certain kinds of behavior will result in certain kinds of consequences. It may take a while to get there, but the fruit you get will ultimately reflect the seed you planted.

I think this is terribly important when you are talking about marriage.

Keep It Simple

Being unconcerned and unintentional about your marriage leaves your marriage vulnerable to a number of marriage-killing attitudes and circumstances.

Being thoughtful and intentional about growing your marriage means your marriage has a chance to survive … and even thrive.

Y’all, keep learning, growing, and investing in your marriage. It does take two to make a healthy, strong marriage, but when you do your part, you are doing what you can to make your marriage last for a lifetime and be worth the effort.

No marriage will last a lifetime if left on the backburner. Give your marriage your best investment, not your leftovers.  Mark & Jill Savage

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and loving life.

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