Fundraiser to help get Tyler’s Service Dog.

Tyler, he is 11 years old. and his mom, Jill.

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4 Paws For Ability (Ohio)  is training a multipurpose service dog for my son Tyler (age 11). Tyler has severe non-verbal autism, Type 1 Diabetes, seizures,  paralyzing migraines & ADHD. Tyler is an amazing young man. So tenderhearted. So very caring. The love that he is able to show, is simply amazing. One of my favorite memories with Tyler, I was in my home office working, and he came in and sat down in the other office chair, I turned around, he saw me, laid his head back, on the head rest, and was pretending to be asleep, snoring and all. I laughed, and he smiled, peeked at me, so I laid my head back on my head rest, and pretended that I was sleep as well. He giggled, but kept snoring. 🙂 Such a fun little moment that we shared together.

Tyler has amazing balance, when at the park, he would run on these log like barriers, at the sand box area, and his balance, was awesome! Made me nervous to watch him at times. But there was no worries.

Another memory that is cherished in my heart, is when he would be walking by me, and bump into me, his way of asking for a quick hug. Then he would be happy and on his way.

Like stated before, Tyler, like his momma, has a heart of gold and very tenderhearted.

If there is anything you all can to help Tyler get his service dog by donating, that would simply be amazing. And, his momma and the boys would be extremely grateful!

4 Paws will have Tyler’s dog ready early 2020, but we must get to Ohio & train with the dog for 2 weeks. Tyler cannot fly so I need to rent an RV and pay for a caregiver to join us. The cost needed includes RV rental, fees, gas,  food and caregiver expenses.

Thank you for reading Tyler’s story and for your act of kindness in donating and passing his story on.

FundRaising Event

Please Share and Help Us Spread the Word

Please send us a comment. What country you are reading this from, and if you are able to share our little story.

Many many many heart felt thanks from:

Jill Johnson, Tyler and Jesse Renfro.

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