The Strongest Women I know


They are the strongest people on this planet. Some moms, more so than others. Had the opportunity to meet this one mom, she was an amazing person. Full of LOVE, Compassion and the heart of a warrior! She has two children. One special needs, and both of them are Type 1 Diabetic! What she had to learn, in a short amount of time. From living a normal life, to having news of the situation from the Doctors. How the paradigm shift, of that moment, changed everything. The stress, the questions, the wondering, and then the chasing after God for answers.

She began her journey of learning about Autism, what is it? How did this happen, what can be done to help bring healing. And then the diagnosis that he also has Type 1 Diabetes, and then the youngest, also is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, as the youngest went into diabetic coma. (Scary). Again, mom went through all this, chasing after her God, searching for answers. Again, learning all about Type 1 Diabetes, and how this will change everything, food, blood checks, insulin.

Yes, she is an amazing Mother. The amount of things that she had to learn and the paradigm shift she experienced, leaves me wondering, “Wow! She is an amazing women!” Simply put and that is just the truth. She would never say that, other than, she is being a mom!

She has become a person that I completely admire, and have learned so much from her. And continue to learn so much from her, just her, being her.

Never had the chance to thank her, for the great many things she has taught me. Maybe one day that may happen. 🙂

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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