Healing and being Restored

Things have been reset in my heart and mind. Walking down the path that I’m called too.

The calling is that of making a positive difference in this world, and helping people walk out of the “HELL” they may find themselves in, for what ever reason, what ever choice that was made. A time of healing and restoration is for everyone. To allow our Creator to make Beauty from the Ashes that may have found itself on your life.

There have been people praying for me, voices that have been speaking life over me for the past year, and was not hearing with my heart, as it was overshadowed in the dark. THAT is no longer the case. There is a movie scene that perfectly depicts how this feels to me in my heart.

A gal, that I know, who is very dear to my heart, her and her family, lived in Hawaii for a number of years spoke life over me for well over a year, and now my heart hears and sees. Here is a scene from Moana that means the world to me, and can actually hear, her singing with the movie, as she sat next to me, as tears stream down our faces as we watch what was going on in the movie. A moving and very powerful scene.

Hatred being softened back to LOVE! Hardness changing to good and beauty. Yes, this is a beautiful scene and there is one gal that, it is my hope, that one day, will be able to thank her in person. Thank you for helping restore the heart of Alexander H. Atkinson, Jr. Without your prayers, this would not have happened, and the prayers of your parents and sister, and my family as well. Embarking back on the trail that was begun many years ago.

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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