The Healing, The Restoration, The Amusement Park & The Confirmation

So, had a very powerful dream last night.   

The Healing, The Restoration, The Amusement Park, & The Confirmation

When I woke, I was crying and praying at the same time.

The setting, Jill, both boys and I were in a place that looked like Disneyland.  A lot of activity, music, and the boys were having a blast.  Tyler was about 12 years old and Jesse about 9 years old.  Tyler needed to go to the bathroom and was getting our attention for that, as we were going from one ride to then next.  Tyler was able to easily communicate with us on what he needed, so we asked on of the workers where the nearest restroom was, and we  began to walk in that direction.  On the way there, there was a sign on one of the walls that indicated that was a special speaker, evangelist in town this evening.   I mentioned to Jill that we should check it out.  She nodded yes.  We were rushing to the restroom to help Tyler, on the way there, we passed a  lady, who seemed to  have trouble walking, here legs and arms were blue, and she hunched over as we passed her.   That was odd.  In my heart, I began to pray for her.

We made it to the restroom, and we began making our way to the next ride, on the way there, this other family was walking by us, heading in the same direction, and then I noticed that the lady that was hunched over, that we had passed earlier, was with this family walking by us, heading in the same direction.  As we were waking, struck up a simple conversation with this family, then I asked, “Would it be okay we prayed for you?”  The husband was a bit shocked, and the wife was open to the idea.  They accepted our offer, so we began to pray, Jill, the boys and I reached out to hold their hands, and I began to pray that God would heal the circulation in both their physical systems, and began to declare God’s healing over them, then other people began to join us, as they saw what was going on, as tears began to stream down the faces of this couple, it did to Jill and I as well, as I looked over at Jill, we were both crying as well.   That was done, the couple hugged us, and kept thanking us, and we were on our way.  As we walked away, Jill looked at me and made a comment, almost under her breath, “YOU Have changed!”  To which I stated, “Just doing what God wants me, “US” to do.  Tears streaming down my face as we walked, and reached out to hold her hand.   Too which, she reached back, to grasp my hand.

Then it switched to a new scene.

The Service.

We were at the service with the evangelist and can remember the worship, being peaceful, and full of excitement and expectation.  Not a show, or entertainment, but a true move of our Creator.  We were all able to worship, and enter into HIS presence corporately.  Then as the service went on, the special speaker was invited to come on stage, It was a lady speaker, she has written many books, and came to share what God has laid on her heart.  Jill and I were sitting on the front row, and as this gal began to speak, she noticed us, and stopped for a second, and said, “Just a minute, I need to find out this couples names, and why they felt led to pray for people, at an amusement park.  There is an anointing that rest on their lives, that was placed there by God, and I want to hear more about them!”

Then, boom, I woke up! Crying and praying at the same time.

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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