The Country Home, The Call, The Confirmation

My Dream Last Night.

It would seem that the dreaming season is back upon us.  At least the time to remember the dream. 

Last nights dream.

At the House.

My family and I were at our house, a 4,500 square foot, Ranch style, two story home, with a  completely finished basement.  A beautiful home that Jill, myself, Tyler and Jesse lived, along with Jill’s Mom and Dad.  It was on a very large property.  A very real country setting.  No real next door neighbors, to speak of.  A dirt road, with some ruts and holes in the road.  Some small ponds, next to parts of the road.  With tad poles, and even some trout in others, that were connected to a stream.

One day, in the dream, we were helping Dad and mom move into a new home next to our property, and the boys were being very helpful and wanting to carry some smaller items over to the new house.  As they went out to the road, a person on a side by side, quad, type vehicle, was speeding up the road, it was loud and scared the kids off the road.  THAT got my attention, and I yelled at the guy driving the side by side.  He stopped, turned around and apologized.  The oldest of the two was very upset at what just happened.  He is a great helper when it comes to moving things, and if disrupted, he just does not like that, at all!

Next scene:

Everyone was happy, and we were walking along next to a pond, just out enjoying the warm clear, weather.  A beautiful Spring day.  We came across an older, lady, sitting on a rocking chair on her porch, she had white hair, and was most likely in her late 80’s.

We waved at her, and she waved for us to come to her, so we did, and she wanted to share a lemonade with us all.  So, Jill and I sat down on the porch, and the boys went off to play and explore.  The lady, never did catch her name, while she was pouring our lemonade, began to speak over us.  She made the statement, “I see that you two understand what beauty means, when it comes out of ashes!”  We looked at each other, kind of speechless and kind of in shock!  Our eyes began to well up with tears, as we knew this lady was about to speak live and love over us.  She continued, “God gave you both a certain ability that not everyone gets.   Also, not everyone gets you two, but you know, deep down inside what HE spoke over you.  You both see things differently in this world, and it is going to allow you to take the abilities you have to help other people walk out of darkness into light!  It is a powerful calling that HE has placed on your lives, NOW is the time to write, release what you write and pray and watch how God uses what HE has placed in your hearts!”  I looked over at Jill, with Tears streaming down my face, and tears streaming down hers as well.  And we just sat there, in awe, praying in our hearts!

Then BAM, I woke up, with tears  streaming down my face, and praying for Jill and her family, at the same time.

Author: alexatkinsonjr

Just a person who is living the dream and learning to love life once again.

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